Seed coating, pelleting and enhancement, is a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming a common addition to many seeds that are sold around the world today. Once considered as “smoke & mirrors” and an art, the science of Seed Coating is becoming recognised as a very useful tool to enable better seed handling, improved seedling emergence & survival, and for better overall crop performance.

During the last 30 years, the equipment and formulas have advanced at a rapid pace and todays progressive seed companys’ use the technology to add some of the many available enhancements to the seeds.

As with any technology, there are a multitude of different pieces of equipment and formulation additives that are available for processors to use, choosing the best equipment and additives for your needs, can sometimes be daunting and challenging.

At Innovative Seed Coating Solutions, I will provide independent advice to help you find the most suitable machinery, equipment, formulations and operational solutions for your Seed Enhancement needs. Whether you are considering a new Seed Coating venture, or already have established Seed Coating facilities, I can help you through all stages, from the concept to operational completion and beyond.

I hope that you will find an opportunity to make use of my services & experience, and I welcome your enquiry.