Operational solutions

Many factors go into allowing an operation to achieve its full potential. Some of the areas that I can give guidance, are as follows;


As part of the operational solutions, having well analysed, well written and easy to follow procedures, helps to train staff and to achieve efficient equipment operation and create consistent quality products. I have initiated and been involved with OH&S and QA programs for more than 25 years and can help you to achieve a safe, efficient and quality focused workplace.

Plant & Equipment upgrades, reconditioning and service

To ensure optimum performance of any plant and equipment, requires it to be in good repair and for it to be properly tuned. Plant and equipment that is not in good repair can lead to unsafe & inefficient operation, and to poor quality product output.

Drawing on over 35 years of technical experience with operating, maintaining and developing machinery, I will provide advice for optimum machinery operation, to ensure plant & equipment life is prolonged. I can offer guidance on maintaining, servicing and reconditioning your existing equipment and assisting with advice on upgrading it when that time arrives. I can also assist with the preparation of usable maintenance schedules to help in your operation.

Formulation development

Along with having the correct equipment, quality and performance oriented coating enhancements start with the development of the formula. Having the correct ingredients in your coatings can allow your product to achieve the expected result. Some of the ingredients and their influence in your coatings are as follows;

Binders; Powders; Nutrients, Fertilisers and Growth Promoters; Chemicals; Biologicals; Colour enhancements;

New plant design & layout

Whether you are seeking information about upgrading, reconditioning and efficiently operating an existing plant, or setting up a new plant, drawing on my broad experience I can offer assistance to create a functional plant for your needs.

Raw materials & Inventory control

Fitting in with financial management, analysing production requirements and control of raw materials & inventory, will lead to the economical operation of your facility.


The development of great performing coated seed products, starts with well thought out research. Analysing the problems that you are hoping to overcome, or the performance needs required by using seed coating, allows for the development of research programs to create great performing products. Whether it is to increase plant yields, introduce and protect biologicals, allow a product to flow through conventional seeding equipment, or to help a new plant to establish in a harsh environment, properly structured research will help to develop the products that you need to overcome these obstacles. I can assist with the program and with the analysis of the products, developing and researching a new formula, then with sourcing the materials.